Gunshots in the Subway

I tore through you and didn’t stop
creating two doors
one for life to enter
and other to exit
death is born in your torso
leeching blood and gurgles
spiked with murmours
of onlookers, unsure
what to do, apart from panic
freezing like eggs in aspic
in the shallow terrine
of the underpass

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I watch you shower from the corner of the bathroom
spacious with black and white tiles

costing more than we had anticipated
restored to the fashionable, Gothic style

you shake your head, fanning droplets out
like a crystal peacock’s tail fan

catching the light from the frosted glass
bending it in all directions

as I hand you a towel
and admire you.

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Four Lines on my Morning Bath

At seven-twenty each morning
I part from my mother, sleep
a porcelain pool of ankle deep water
making dreams conceived, obsolete.

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Cut a well-meaning hole in my bucket
and choose where the water drains

irrigating an already luscious field
when the droplets could fall on barren earth

less promising, less pretty
but just as deserving.

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each syllable a note
some flat, some unbearably high-pitched
but voiced all the same
by the same unwieldy madam
who will never let you forget her name

sometimes written in blood
as the nights begin to fade
disecting her feelings
slashing the doubt
of an quarter century tirade

launched into without feeling
heaven forbid she lets you in
because when she does
there’s no escape
and the walls are oh so thin.

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I’m sure you think my head is empty
and my daydreams are sordid and plenty
you’d be right, my head’s full of shite
and it’s only Tuesday, 12.20.

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February 23rd

I don’t understand what leaks from your wounds
it could be blood but I’m guessing it could be something
more serious than that

like when you cut yourself and don’t realise it
until you wash your hands and it doesn’t matter
if the water is hot or cold
it stings, just the same

the water turning yellowish
as it blends with your life
swilled away by an anxious stream
desperate to make clean
and hurry away
to the sea
where the traces of you
cannot be seen.

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